StowPoint Software FAQ's

More Information About StowPoint for Business

Why does my business need StowPoint?
  • Without efficiency, you die. Most successful business models in 2019 are either thriving because they profit from volume or providing a custom experience.
    • If volume is your business, no squeaky wheels can exist, or the machine breaks down. Inefficiency is a squeaky wheel that StowPoint resolves by providing one solution to store & share files, across your entire business.
    • When providing custom experiences, capturing the details of your client is key to the tailoring process, so where are you storing all of those details? And can you access those notes, images, feedback calls at a moment’s notice, even when they originated from multiple sources?


How is StowPoint different from a product like Dropbox?
  • StowPoint is not just files in folders. While you can create folders, each time something is added to your SP system it is given an identity. Things like account numbers, names, dates, what the file is used for, and which department is storing it. This information can be used in StowPoint to help you find things quickly or create reports on how many items are being stored.
  • SP connects to your scanner device and can also connect to one or multiple databases. Imagine receiving an alert in your daily software tool that says your coworker received a letter from client. Push the StowPoint button, and see an image of the physical letter.


Is StowPoint an EMR?
  • While SP can house medical records, it is not limited to only medical records or the medical industry.


Is StowPoint cloud storage?
  • While your files in StowPoint can be stored in a cloud, the main advantage of SP is not the storage space, but how SP can connect to your systems to unify your business. The value that SP brings to your business is that all of your employees only have to learn one software interface, and can stow away all of your files for safekeeping, regardless of the file type!
  • Your StowPoint service can be installed in your environment, where you would have total control over where your information is stored. However, if you are a small business or do not want to put resources into network management, you can purchase SP as a web application. This means your data is stored in our secure cloud and no maintenance for you!