Veterinarian Cloud Storage Software

A veterinarian petting a golden retrieverIncrease Workflow and Business Efficiency

Many veterinarian offices are still storing their documents, files, and records locally instead of using a cloud-based storage system. StowPoint offers veterinarian offices off-site, cloud-based storage solutions that go above and beyond your traditional content management systems. We give you a centralized solution to store all your images, documents, video, and audio files under one software solution.

Veterinarian Software Solutions That Solve Your Operational Inefficiencies

Like medical equipment and medical supply providers, vision, hearing, and veterinary providers also have important content that needs to be managed and easily accessible for review.

Organized File Storage for Veterinarians

Go paperless with StowPoint! It’s as easy as scanning, importing, editing, and exporting any documents or files you may have. Securely store all your patient files, records, X-Rays, reports, and more in a single application. StowPoint also has the technology to remain compliant and allow you to comply with the requirements necessary for audits, document privacy, and security guidelines.

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Fast File Sharing

File sharing is made simple with StowPoint. We can streamline daily workflow with secure access to any data that needs to be retrieved and quickly shared. Whether you need to share a PDF, video, image, or audio file- our software can house any file format. StowPoint makes it quick and to retrieve a recent surgery report, share an animal’s medication prescription, or send a pet’s past medical history to a doctor. With all your data located in one software system, it makes file sharing collaborative and effortless. All you need is one license for our permission-based program, then any employee, from veterinarians to vet techs, can access patient records to gather the information they need quickly.

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StowPoint’s software can provide the following for Veterinarians:

Business Efficiency

There’s no need to invest in multiple solutions to house all the content needed to support a patient - StowPoint can store it all. You can upload and save all your documents, files, images, videos, and audio files in one secure place.

Workflow Efficiency

StowPoint streamlines the process of patient management down to one software for the user who is trying to either store new documentation or find existing documentation. This also means faster ramp-up time for a new hire, because they only have to learn the content management aspect in one software.


You can purchase StowPoint in either a SAAS model or premise-based. For businesses that do not want to maintain their servers and storage, Universal Software Solutions will host the database of your content in a powerful and secure cloud. Conversely, if your operation prefers to keep data onsite, use the premise-based model.

StowPoint has been the chosen content management software in the audiology industry. Our comprehensive content management system makes it easy to upload all file formats such as documents, videos, images, and even audio. Let us help you streamline your systems!