File Management

File Management Software for the Healthcare Industry

A man accessing a File Management Software for the Healthcare IndustryUnlimited Storage for Media Files of Any Type

Whether you need to upload a whole album of photos, multiple videos, hundreds of digital documents, or numerous audio recordings- we have unlimited storage for all your documents.

The Best Document Management Software for Healthcare Professionals

One of StowPoint's key features is that it supports a wide range of electronic content from typical digital images like PDF files to sound wave files, videos, and a variety of document types. StowPoint provides a cloud-based solution to keep your file management system compliant and allows you to follow the requirements necessary for a document audit, document privacy, and security regulations necessary with HIPAA and patient health information.  

Patient data is sensitive personal information and should not be left in a pile of paper documents. StowPoint makes it easy to store paper documents as electronic files with its scanning feature. Scanned files are immediately available for file sharing, making it easy to organize documents and existing files.

StowPoint Features

  • Document Sharing

  • Document Storage for All File Types

  • Document Scanning

  • Cloud Storage

  • All in One File Management

  • HIPPA Compliant

Cloud-Based Imaging Storage Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

For storing important media files such as X-Rays and photographs, healthcare professionals need a file management software that can securely store their company's documents and retrieve and organize files quickly. StowPoint makes it simple for employees to access and share files like complex medical images like X-Rays with our user-friendly interface. Our X-Ray cloud storage enables medical professionals to retrieve imaging data in a fast and secure manner. StowPoint is a perfect document management software for optometrists, veterinarians, and audiologists. StowPoint can help eliminate costly errors, get to the patient's diagnosis faster, and view the images anywhere at any time.

Easily Upload, Store, and Share All Your Files

Clinical information such as patient files, lab results, imaging reports, physician consult notes, and admission/ discharge papers need to be stored in a file management system that's not only secure but accessible by healthcare workers. Splitting up your database into multiple file management systems typically leads to wasted time on document management and file retrieval. Employees shouldn't have to log in to and maintain multiple databases to access documents. For this reason, many healthcare professionals have chosen to centralize all their records, images, and video files using StowPoint's single software solution. With one file management software to manage important documents and files across the organization, productivity, collaboration, and efficiency will greatly improve across your organization.

Enterprise Document Management For Improved Business Processes

The ability to store business documents and share files using StowPoint reduces paperwork and improves overall employee productivity by making it easier to access files. An effective document management system can streamline processes and improve business systems by making it easier for employees to manage files, upload files, and share relevant data. Many document management systems are cumbersome and hard to use or only support limited file types. Investing in an affordable file management software like StowPoint will reduce the cost involved in supporting more than one type of document management solution.

One Document Management Software, Scalable to Meet Your Growing Needs

Take your technology to the next level with StowPoint. Our software can help increase the efficiency of your employees by reducing the number of applications they're using for all their files.