Audiology Cloud Storage Solutions

An audiologist examining a patients earStore Everything in One Place with Audiology Content Management Software

Whether you need to store patient records, reports, audiograms, or financial/billing forms - StowPoint can do it all. For hearing healthcare professionals, we have some of the most powerful and affordable software solutions in the industry. Instead of having your employees use multiple applications for various file formats, StowPoint can house an extensive range of digital file types in one application. Whether you want to use it as a standalone product or as part of a Universal Software System solution, we can help you streamline your processes. You can store and save PDFs, audio and video files as well as images, making it easy to find all your information in one place.

Organized File Storage

Securely upload and store all your patient files and records in one place with StowPoint. With our technology, we remain HIPAA compliant and allow you to comply with the regulations and requirements necessary for audits, document privacy, and security guidelines. With StowPoint it’s easy as scanning, importing, editing, and exporting your paper documents for a paper-free, smooth workflow.

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Fast File Sharing

With StowPoint, file sharing has never been easier. Workflow becomes effortless and consistent with secure access to any data that needs to be retrieved and quickly shared. Whether you need to share a PDF, video, image, or audio file- our software can house any file format. If you need to share a patient’s recent Audiology report between doctors or have to retrieve an audiogram– we make the process simple. You'll need just one license for our permission-based program, then any employee who needs to access patient records can quickly gather the information they need.

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Software Solutions that Solve Your Operational Inefficiencies

Like medical equipment and medical supply providers, vision, hearing, and veterinary providers also have important content that needs to be managed and easily accessible for review.

StowPoint’s software can provide the following solutions for Audiologists:

Business Efficiency

There’s no need to invest in multiple solutions to house all the content needed to support a patient– StowPoint can store it all. You can upload and save all your documents, files, images, videos, and audio files in one secure place.

Workflow Efficiency

StowPoint streamlines the process of patient management down to one software for the user who is trying to either store new documentation or find existing documentation. This also means faster ramp-up time for a new hire, because they only have to learn the content management aspect in one software.


You can purchase StowPoint in either a SAAS model or premise-based. For businesses that do not want to maintain their servers and storage, Universal Software Solutions will host the database of your content in a powerful and secure cloud. Conversely, if your operation prefers to keep data onsite, use the premise-based model.